Commission FAQ
Character commission examples
Sketch ✦ 50 USD ✦ Coloured Sketch ✦ 80 USD✦ Coloured Sketch Scene ✦ 110 USD ✦ Painted Figure ✦ 160 USD ✦ Painted Scene✦ 220 USD ✦
✦ things to know!
  • Quotes above reflect singular character commissions, additional characters will add 1/2 of the singular price to the total.
  • Visual development* starts at $35 per hour.
  • All prices are in USD and are fully negotiable!
  • Expressions of interest are always welcome! Send inquires to [email protected] or fill out the contact page below!
  • Helen puts quality over quantity, so these prices reflect the time and energy into each piece.
  • Visual development refers to the process of designing either characters or graphics from a loose concept or idea, one that is not already established and requires iteration. For example: The development of an emote from a quote or a set of graphics from a motif.Helen will confer with you regarding themes and symbols, share sketches and rough drafts to help visualize your concept, before agreeing upon a final draft to complete and present for you. It is a process that takes more experimentation and an active back and fourth between artist and client. This is useful for individuals and businesses looking for illustrative branding. Inquire in your initial contact if you feel this may apply for your project.
  • Full payment is required upfront for any work under $100, with complex additions or changes requiring further payment. A downpayment of $50 is required for any work over $100.
  • Prices may vary from piece to piece. You will receive a quote in USD after we negotiate. Once payment is received your piece will be added to a queue, you will be informed of the expected wait! To have your piece prioritised will cost extra depending on urgency.
  • Prepare an email with any details you have about the subject of the piece. This email will serve as a brief and can include information such as:
  • Physical description of your character. Any visual reference would be much appreciated!
  • Any notes or ideas on the composition of your piece. This can include pose, environment, significant objects, etc.
  • A little character bio! Any notes on the subject’s personality really helps when it comes to depicting them accurately!
  • A deadline. If you have a date you require your commission for please include it so that will be considered when working on the piece!
  • Helen will share the progress of the piece at key stages. Specifically of the sketch and then the rough colour. This is an opportunity for you to give your opinion and request changes. I will not be sharing progress for commissions under 40USD, as I aim to make the most of the time you paid for, and arranging correspondence breaks my work flow, thus resulting in me running over time.
  • ✦ terms & conditions
    Commissions break down into commercial and private pieces. Private pieces are any piece of work that are not intended for distribution and profit.Commercial pieces are works intended for reprint and use in advertising. Before undertaking any commercial illustration work, a contract must be agreed upon.Non-commercial commissions created by Helen Graham may not be used for profit in any way, shape or form. My commissions come signed and watermarked, you may modify, print or display the commission as you please, so long as you do not remove the signature and watermark. I welcome and encourage sharing of my work on social media and sites, which includes the use of the illustration as an icon, so long as a link to my website, twitter or blog is included in the description.
  • ✦ FAQ
    • Do you accept other forms of payment? Such as in-game currency?
    I only accept payment in USD! I am a full time illustrator, therefore I live off of commission. Unfortunately, in-game currency can't pay the rent, bills, or buy food.
    • I want you to create a piece, however I don't have the money right now. Can I contact you now for a future commission?
    Of course! Any interest is welcome, and will sow seeds of inspiration for when you are able to pay!
    • How do you decide on prices for your work?
    I have an hourly rate I work at, and give myself deadlines. If I believe a piece may run over, I will add an extra hour to the quote. I try to keep to the price quoted, thus working to the brief we've decided upon. This allows me to be flexible along with clients budgets!
    • I love [insert artists name here]'s style, can you replicate it for me?
    While I encourage you to seek out this artist for your commission, I understand that they might not be offering commissions at that time. To take influences from styles I don't usually employ myself takes more work and research, so I may charge extra.
    • Can I get one of your pieces tattooed onto myself?
    I prefer to be asked directly to confirm the piece is available to be replicated as a tattoo. This does not include commissioned pieces as they are drawn to the specifications and for the sole use of the client who hired me. At the moment I'm learning tattoo techniques, so once established as a tattoo artist, I would ask that no one copy my pieces for tattoos. 
  • Feel free to ask any questions not listed above!